The Bates Girls

The Bates Girls

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Katie Grace Bates

Katie,13, is a lot of dynamite packed in a little package! She consistently volunteers to help with the little ones. Her birthday is October 5, 2000.  Before we can blink an eye, she’s snuck off to surprise us by getting their hair fixed, their shoes on, and making sure they’re all in order. Then she often marches her little army of helpers off to clean a room in hopes to be an unexpected blessing!

The Duggar and Bates Family #Katie #Jana #Tori
The Bates Family #Katie #Whitney

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tori Layne Bates

Tori Layne, 18, has a bubbly personality that causes everyone to adore her! Her birthday is December 20, 1995.  She has a knack for organizing and directing her younger siblings to complete projects. She loves the violin, and usually accompanies Erin on hospital and nursing home ministries. She is the sweetest big sister ever!


Josie Kellyn Bates

Josie, 14, is all smiles, all the time! Her birthday is August 4, 1999. She loves to read and read and read. Most girls’ pocket books are filled with all sorts of goodies, but Josie’s is packed with mysteries! Her love for reading helps her to also be a diligent student in her schoolwork.
The Bates Family #Alyssa #Josie
The Bates Family #Josie #Whitney

Monday, June 23, 2014

Carlin Brianne Bates

Carlin, 16, is full of initiative, making commitments to read through her Bible each year and to memorize large portions of Scripture. Her birthday is April 11, 1998.  She began a Bible Club to encourage other young girls to make wise choices, including: daily Bible reading, daily prayer, daily Scripture memory, and passing out 30 tracts each month. She has been a role model for her family and many others!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Alyssa Joy Bates Webster

Alyssa Joy loves photography and spends most of her free time with a camera in hand. She enjoys cooking and reading. She developed a great interest in politics while assisting with her brother’s campaign, and began the dual enrollment program at Crown College during her senior high school year. She is our family organizer and secretary. Alyssa recently married John Webster! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Erin Elsie Bates Paine

Erin is continuing her college studies at Crown College of the Bible to earn a music degree, along with teaching piano lessons to students. She has recorded two piano CDs of her own arrangements of beloved hymns and Gospel songs. She enjoys using her music in avenues of ministry at hospitals and nursing homes. She motivates us all to pursue spiritual goals. She recently married Chad Paine (