The Bates Girls

The Bates Girls

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brandon and Michaella- Update and Photos!

Update:  Many have asked for an update on the courting couple. They have hadm & b 2 several visits together and have spent lots of time writing, sending care packages, and thinking of each other! Brandon is super creative; when a package comes, it’s usually filled with many extra special touches that show his talent and his tender heart: gifts wrapped with ribbons and flowers, scrolls with sweet messages,  artwork, DVDs with photos and songs written to celebrate their times together…all so very sentimental and touching! This week Brandon celebrates his 25th birthday, so “Happy birthday” to a wonderful, Godly young man that has won our daughter’s heart!


m & b 23m & b 25
m & b 24m & b 17
m & b 11m & b 31
m & b 32m & b 6m & b 31
m & b 37 editphoto edit
m & b 8
m & b 12m & b 27
m & b 10m & b 16
m & b 18m & b 21
m & b 9m & b 19
m & B 1 edit

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